Wheels to School

How did you go to school? On a delayed subway, on buses in traffic, a bike ride up the lane, through carpooling, by walking in the snow, on a scooter, a skateboard, a hoverboard, or in a wheelchair? We have all faced some hurdles on our way to school. Here is one such kid that makes his way in a broken wheelchair through the muddy lanes.
Shidaa Foundation is working towards raising funds to provide assistance to vulnerable communities on the other side of the world. We are partnering with the local schools in the rural parts of Ghana; currently, one kid from the partner schools is in need of a well-functioning wheelchair.
We know there are many others with similar or urgent needs; Shidaa Foundation will raise funds, develop resources, and address the gaps in accessing basic education.
We live on the side of the world where community development includes sustainability, low waste production, supporting local businesses, basic health care, accessible public places, and much more. You can make a difference by donating today to the Shidaa Foundation so someone on the other side is a step closer to a quality life.